AVR Studio 4

  • Professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Can be used with all of Atmel's own brand AVR Tools including the AVRISP, STK500, JTAG ICE mk1 / mk2, ICE40 and ICE50.

  • Freely distributed by Atmel and can be downloaded from the Atmel web site.

  • The software provides a project management tool, source file editor, chip simulator and in-circuit emulator interface for the powerful AVR 8-bit RISC family of microcontrollers.

Device Support (by family)
This product supports devices from the families listed below:

  • AT89(L)S - 8051 FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • AT90CAN - AVR with on-chip CAN : AVR microcontroller with on-chip CAN
  • ATmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
Details can be found HERE