Recommended Project 1 - Programmable path navigator Robot

  • The project deals with the design and development of the mechanical, hardware, embedded software and the path feeding aspects of the robot.
  • Fully functional as wireless robot.
  • Path to be traced is programmed with the help of an interactive user interface in Matlab environment.
  • Robot can trace the path to the accuracy of 0.75 millimeter on a surface after being detached from the computer.
  • Excellent concept, mechanical design and stability with zero turning radius effects which makes the robot capable of tracing paths with the accuracy of 1mm and makes any sharp angle turn possible at any juncture.
  • Zero inertia effects and sharp stoppage.
  • The project uses Atmega 8515 microcontroller for path memory.
  • Also using Matlab for user interface and uses AVR studio for programming the Robot

Full explanation on the project website