Recommended Product 2 - DevBoard-M32 Controller Board

The Devboard-M32 has undergone a redesign that optimized it's size and added new features. The new features include:
  • Industry Standard ISP connector
  • Option for external ceramic resonator for speeds up to 16mhz
  • Dual I2C connectors with power and ground
  • User-selectable I2C clock & data lines
  • Available as a kit
The new M32 is perfect for hobbyists and engineers looking for a small, simple yet powerful controller that is simple and reusable.It's perfect for robotics and automation projects.

  • Full-featured microcontroller board at a great low price
  • Compact size - just 53mm x 44mm (2.1"x1.7")
  • Available as a kit or fully assembled
  • All thru-hole construction for easy construction and modification
  • Features the Atmel AVR ATMega32 8-bit RISC microcontroller
  • 32 I/O lines, with ADC(analog-to-digital conversion) and PWM (pulse-width modulation)
  • Operates over a wide range of supply voltage: 7 to 15 volts
  • On-Board power distribution bus for simple power connections to peripherals
  • Manual reset switch
  • Industry Standard ISP connector for In-System Programming -no need to remove chip from board
  • All MCU pins are made available through 2 20-pin headers
  • Dual on-board I2C connectors
  • User-selectable I2C clock and data lines
  • On-Board I2C pull-up resistors
  • Optional ceramic resonator connection for clock frequencies up to 16 MHz
  • Can be programmed with Assembly, C, Basic or any AVR-compatible language

Details can be found HERE