Recommended Product 1 - Ethernut AVR ATmega 10Mbps Ethernet Board

Ethernut V 1.3G is based upon Atmel ATmega 128 microcontroller and Realtek RTL8019AS Ethernet controller. The main features are:
  • ATmega 128 RISC microcontroller with up to 16 MIPS throughput.
  • Full duplex IEEE 802.3 compliant 10 Mbps Ethernet controller with on-board RJ-45 connector.
  • Two serial ports, one RS232 at DB-9 connector.
  • 128 kByte in-system programmable Flash ROM.
  • 4 kByte in-system programmable EEPROM.
  • 32 kByte external SRAM.
  • 22 programmable digital I/O lines.
  • 8-channel, 10-bit analog/digital converter.
  • Two 8-bit and two 16-bit timers/counters.
  • Watchdog timer for enhanced reliability.
  • LED indicators for power supply and Ethernet activity.
  • Single power supply DC 8-12V.
  • Board size: 78 x 98 mm (3.1" x 3.9").
Fully assembled and tested Ethernut Board V 1.3G with preloaded Nut/OS and Nut/Net TCP/IP Stack plus an IEEE registered MAC address. Ethernut Bulk is the best choice for production quantities and a low cost solution, if you are familiar with Atmel's AVR controllers and already got an ISP or JTAG programming adapter.

Details can be found HERE