Recommended Product 3 - ATMega Development Board

  • The board is ideal for experimenters or as a main cpu board for a more advanced system.
  • Program download and run is easily executed in-system by an RS232 connection to the computer parallel port.
  • No programmer is required.
  • The board utilizes the new advanced Atmel AVR ATMega16 microcontroller with 16k of In-System Flash Memory.
  • Running at 8Mhz.
  • All power supply components and main crystal is in place for the microcontroller.
  • Connectors are provided for RS232, SPI, power and all I/O pins.
  • Download software is included, together with code examples in both assembly language and Bascom AVR Basic.
  • This is a complete unit, ready to run and not a kit.
  • Power supply is not included.
  • Atmel and ATMega are all registered trademarks of the Atmel Corporation.
  • All I/O pins connected to headers for easy external connections.
  • In-circuit programming via computer download cable (provided)
  • RS232 Communication with on-board MAX232 or equivalent
  • Test LED for program run testing.
  • Power and Programming LED
  • Dramatically reduces program development time Software.

Details can be found HERE


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