Recommended Project 8 - LAN cable tester

  • This useful DIY circuit is good for student to understand how microcontroller and networking works. 
  • It has been designed by Mr.Vasilios Stergiopoulos
  • Details can be found HERE


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  2. HDMI v1.4 Cable : Substantial Velocity with Ethernet

    It could acquire complicated with all the countless cables out there and also the many mis-information in relation to type 1. 3 & 1. 4, ethernet and also range restrictions. Why definitely not save the many anxiety & just get hold of a cable television that performs?

    No fascination. No M. Utes. Don?t worry! : These kind of cables are designed to the highest expectations and also made out of hard PVC coat and also corrosion proof Platinum Connectors to present the idea the very best efficiency. Long term resistant and also totally back compatible with almost all HDMI expectations. That means; An individual don't have to buy added cables if you haven't much yet upgraded all your method : These kind of cables IS FINE!